Lead your team throughout key stages

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Effective communication between employees

Operational process improvements

We improve and optimize the company's operational processes, implementing permanent improvement and cost savings


We design the new employee's experience before, during and after being hired by the company


We detect each employee's different learning styles, skills and motivation to offer perfectly catered training

Ethos and engagement

We facilitate the understanding of our company's ethos and create experiences for our employees based on our values

Personnel selection

We speed up personnel selection processes, classifying candidates with the highest reliability


We provide agile, direct and real time survey results


We speed up operative processes as well as feedback collection before, during and after the event


We design the employees' experience as they work upwards in the company

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The advantages of using Keynos

Employee beneficts

For employees

  • It makes your work more visible in an agile and smooth way
  • It participates and generates influence over the decisions made by the company
  • It allows continuous training
  • It shares your knowledge and values
Company beneficts

For companies

  • It communicates efficiently and internally
  • It improves the environment at the workplace, so that employees feel their suggestions are taken into account
  • It promotes talent by creating environments that facilitate learning
  • It defines KPIs and monitors the results in real time