Banco Santander chooses Keynos to improve communication with its employees

Attendees at the Global Compliance & Conduct Convention '17 used Keynos' conversational app with excellent results


reduction in the time spent collecting feedback


increase in the response rate compared to the last convention


of the ratings for Keynos gave it the highest score

“Keynos has helped us build a closer relationship between our employees and the company.”

Camila de Almeida

People & Culture Manager for the Compliance & Conduct Santander Group

“Keynos has proved that it is a new, transparent communication channel that works. We are very pleased because the whole process has been very simple.”

Fernando Ximénez Nores

Director of Governing, Planning & Consolidation, Banco Santander


One of the goals of the Global Compliance & Conduct Convention '17 held by Banco Santander was to embrace change and innovation, and to take on new challenges. The aim of Compliance & Conduct was to find a new way of interacting with the convention’s participants, a total of 280 directors from 24 countries.

An additional goal was to simplify and enrich the collection of feedback from the presentations and workshops, as well as organizing the convention in general.

To achieve this, the Corporate Department has searched for an innovative internal communication tool which will allow them to communicate more effectively, to engage attendees before and during the Convention, and to encourage participation


In order to achieve Banco Santander’s objectives, a customized strategy was implemented, based on an efficient work methodology.

  • Definition of customized objectives (KPIs).
  • Creation of a new bot, called “Fair”. The name “Fair” (“Justo” in Spanish) was chosen in reference to one of the core principles of compliance. “Notes” was the bot in charge of sending the agenda.
  • Design of a plan to send 32 conversations in English, to speak with users in the most natural way possible.
  • Dynamic segmentation adapted to the users, depending on how they interact with the app.
  • Result measurement and analysis in real time by using a dashboard, aimed at obtaining the pre-established KPIs.


Keynos is a new internal communication channel that interacts, listens and responds.

  • Keynos multiplied the response rate of the attendees at Global Compliance & Conduct Convention '17 by 10, compared to the last convention.
  • Keynos reduced the time obtaining the participants’ opinions and comments by 96%.
  • 74% of those who replied gave Keynos the highest rating, describing it as a useful and innovative tool.
  • 71% of the participants at the Global Compliance & Conduct Convention '17 used the conversational app.
  • 57% respondents said that it would be very useful for project and event management as well as training sessions

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