We attend to team members during key moments

Neuroscience + storytelling + chatbots = automation and process improvement

The most productive teams are formed by motivated people

Keynos adapts to each person's character and helps achieve a feeling of belonging, along with the Keynos work ethos

employee communication

How do we achieve this?



We create personalised experiences catering for each user by applying neuroscience, storytelling and technology


Bidirectional communication

Private communication channel between the company and each of its members


Scalable technology

Keynos allows you to reach all of your employees, from 1 to 10,000

Customers that have automated and improved strategic processes

These are some of the companies that we have helped attend their employees in key processes

Receive KPIs and priceless data for your company

Improve strategic decision taking by using our selection of automatic, incidence email reporting in real time

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